Jan 18, 2009

Chapter10 The Guardian of the Gate

The Lion was surprised to find out he was rescued by the mice. (Come to think of it, in Aesop's fables, there is a story in which a lion is rescued by a mouse:))

Well, well, here again, Dorothy's daring (or innocence, or thoughtlessness ...)appeared. Because they have no food and they feel hungry, she suggests "OK, so, let's ask the people at the next house." What would you do if a strange girl with a big lion asked you to stay at your house overnight? But eventually, they complied with Dorothy's request...ummm...that's because of Dorothy's virtue?:)

The husband of this house has an injured leg. Why was this necessary?...I don't think the story needs it. And there is no explanation why or when he got injured. I wonder why he should have been injured. And that person, with a knowing air, said "The Great Wizard of Oz will very easily give you a brain, a heart and bravery." By golly....He seems to be friendly and kind, but irresponsible.

And one more thing I'd like to say about this chapter is that the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman keep standing in the corner of the room during the night. If I were Dorothy, I could not sleep very well if someone were to stand by me all night. I'd like them to stand outside the room. Don't you think so?

In the meantime, they arrived at the gate of the Emerald City. They were given green glasses by the gate guard, and entered the capital of Oz.

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