Jan 18, 2009

Chapter7 The Journey to the Great Oz

The three companions did a great job in this chapter!

The scene where the Scarecrow had difficulty picking up nuts, it reminded me of a book which I read in the hospital the other day. It said, "Human beings can easily use their fingers to do things because we have nails on our finger's tips. If we wear gloves with cottons stuffed into each finger tips, we could not grasp things. Try it! You'll find how important nails are." I've never done it, but I can easily imagine that it is true. After all, the Scarecrow should use his brain instead of his body.

The Lion was so cool! He jumped over the sheer cliff, and protected his friends from Kalidah by using his body as a shield. How can I say he is a coward?! In peacetime, people can say anything, but when it comes to the crunch, what do they do? Lion, you are brave!

Of course, there was also a scene that expressed the Tin Woodman's tenderness...but what I focused on him in this chapter was his skill as a woodman. No matter how nice a person's personality is, if the person does sloppy work, I'd say just,"...ummm...", but the Tin Woodman did a great job when he chopped down trees, and made the raft. He must have faithfully worked hard at his job in the wood in Munchikin land. I had thought that he was a wimp who was only kind or tender, but I've changed my mind. He must be a nice guy who took care of his parents and worked diligently.

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