Jan 11, 2009

Chapter3 How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow

The books gives detailed descriptions of how Dorothy prepared for her journey. Dorothy went back into the house again, stuffed foods into her basket, washed her body, changed her clothes...she changed her shoes, putting on the sliver slipper of the Wicked Witch of the East because she thought her old shoes were not suitable for the journey. That point was different from the movie. The book's story is more practical.

Then, Dorothy set out toward the Emerald City following the Yellow Brick Road. On her way, the Munchikins bowed to Dorothy because they knew she had beated the Wicked Witch of the East. Isn't that amazing? How could they known? Perhaps the Good witch of the North went around telling what happened? Well, it may have been a long time from the time that the house fell into Oz to the time that Dorothy woke up.

Dorothy stayed at Boq's house one night. (Boq was one of the Munchikins.) Boq told Dorothy that white was the color for the witch and blue was the color for the Munchikins. So, she, wearing a white-and-blue checked dress, was supposed to be a friendly witch to the Munchikins. What a coincidence! How lucky Dorothy was! :)

And then, Dorothy met the Scarecrow in the corn field. Again, Dorothy remained almost placid something like "Oh, I'm surprised:)" Moreover, she accepted the Scarecrow's offer to go to the Emerald City together. She accepted everything! Dorothy, is your motto "Welcome the coming, speed the parting of your guests"? :)

Toto was skeptical about the Scarecrow at first. I should check when they become friends.

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