Jan 18, 2009

Chapter9 The Queen of the Field Mice

What does "a person has a heart" mean? Judging from the Tin Woodman's behaviors, it seems like weepy or kind....but the other companions are kind too...only the Tin Woodman emphasizes heart, heart, heart! If no heart expresses no feelings, a heart expresses having various feelings, doesn't it? But it isn't indicated in this story at all. Well, it's OK though.

At the beginning of this chapter, the Woodman chopped off the lynx's head without any hesitations. Is that OK for you, Tin Woodman?:P

But here again, his skill as a woodman was clearlt shown to us. He made Wagon's bed, wheels, and even nails from nearby trees. How great!

The queen of the mice is tiny but her pride is very strong. And her ability as a leader is commensurate with her pride. If they should stay in the poppy field much longer, all of the mice would be in danger....she never forgets about her mice.

Anyway, Toto fought against his instinct very well.

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