Jan 11, 2009

Chapter2 The Council with the Munchkins

Whew! Dorothy didn't get hurt when the house finally thudded to the ground because she was in the bed which lessened the shock. Dorothy's optimistic nature brought her a good luck.

Surrounded by bright sunshine from the window, Dorothy opened the door, then she saw a splendid tranquil view rich with color spread out before her. This scene reminds me of the one in the movie with Judy Garland, the scene in which the world turned to natural color from black-and-white. That was fabulous!! Actually, I have some compaints about the movie, but I think that scene was perfect!

Dorothy was surprised to meet a real witch, and she got the silver slippers of the Wicked Witch of the East, she was determined to go to the Emerald City of OZ. Before setting off, the Good Witch of the North gave Dorothy a kiss on her horehead as a charm...and...the time has come! Weeee're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz...:)

About the silver slippers, the North Witch could have kept them for herself, instead of giving them to Dorothy who didn't understand how precious they were at all. But she's a good sorceress! She didn't act like a sneaky thief.

Ummm...she whirled around on her left heel when she disappeared. Maybe she had the power already. She didn't need the silver shoes.

To think about Dorothy, well, she was amazing! How far is it from her house? How can she go back home? She didn't think those kinds of things at all! She didn't have any fear. As the North Witch recommended that she see the Wizard of Oz, she simply followed the advice, "Well, I'm going to the Emerald City and see the Wizard of Oz! He must know how I can return home."

Now since I don't have Narnia's series here, this is just from my fading memory, but I remember, when Lucy saw Narnia for the first time from the closet, she walked into the mysterious place step by step, looking back to the entrance to make sure she could go back her world, thinking "OK. I can go back whenever I want."

However, with Dorothy....maybe her happy-go-lucky personailty suits Oz:)

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