Jan 18, 2009

Chapter8 The Deadly Poppy Field

Troubles happened one after another. The Scarecrow was left behind alone, the Lion was abandoned by his companions. In every case, Dorothy seems not very helpful. Or ...rather, a drag?:P Why do they esteem her so highly? Because she told them about the Great Wizard of Oz? Is that it? Information seems to be very important, all through the ages, doesn't it?;)

I feel uncomfortable when the Tin Woodman keeps on saying "I am about to shed tears when I think of ****, but I have to stand it not to rust myself." Of course, that indicates the existence of his heart to us, though, I'd like to retort "What are hearts for? Only for that?" And eventually, he cares his body most:(

By the way, there was a stork who helped the Scarecrow after he was left behind alone in the river. Why should it be "a stork"? I don't understand. Do storks have some special meaning? I know the lore "Babies are brought by storks." But why here?

I didn't know poppies really have a narcotic effect on people. And I've learned from the Internet that red poppies are a symbol of fallen soldiers in some countries. Does "poppy field" include that message? ...No, that happened after World War I, so, there is no relation between them.

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