Sep 18, 2013

Mr. Nakai's Illustrations: The Wizard of Oz

Here are Mr. Nakai's fabulous illustrations again!

Enjoy his wonderful works to your hearts' content.
(Click image to enlarge.)

1 Dorothy

2 Cyclone

3 Munchkins

4 Scarecrow in Munchkin

5 The Scarecrow's Problem

6 Tin Woodman

7 Cowardly Lion

8 Yellow Brick Road

10 Kalidhas

11 HELP!

12 Keep it up, Lion!

My favorite is #8 Yellow Brick Road. Look at their faces!
Oh, I like #9 too. And #4, #11, #12...and everything! :D

How about you? Which picture is your favorite?

Sep 4, 2013

Wonderful parade of "Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz"

Here is Mr. Nakai's picture scroll.

Can't you hear their uplifting music? ;D

19 The Imperial Cornet Band

20 Flag Bearers, the Coward Lion and the Hungry tiger 

21Dorothy and Ozma, the Scarecrow and the Saw Horse, and Tik-tok 

22 The Royal Court Band

23 Prof. Woggle-Bug and Students of the Royal College of Athletic Science

24 the Tin Woodman and the Royal Army

25 The Royal Army and Jim

26 Jim, Zeb, and the Wizard

Mr. Nakai's Illustrations #3

Mr. Nakai sent me more illustrations!

Enjoy his beautiful world!

The  Princess of the Vegetable Kingdom

Taking a Short Break

Attack by Mangaboos

The Valley of Voices

Fight with the Invisible Bear

Cloud Fairies

The Braided Man


Wonderful Escape


Jim and the Saw Horse

Self-righting Dolls

This is the end of the illustrations of "Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz" I received.

Actually, Mr. Nakai sent me more illustrations. But they have a different theme, so, I'll post them in another entry. It's coming soon. Don't miss it! ;)