Nov 26, 2010

Chapter 3 The Flight of the Fugitives

Clever Tip decided to run away after he had thought about it many times. I think running away was appropriate, but I'm not sure about him taking the Powder of Life for a self-serving reason without asking. Moreover, Tip took Jack Pumpkinhead with him and gave another self-serving reason for it...He's just a thief, isn't he?

Though Tip had only ever lived with Mombi who had few relationships with other people, he knew about Oz quite well. Who taught him that? Mombi? Well, the village people might have sometimes cared for him.

Everyone in Oz seemed to know that the Gread Wizard Oz was a humbug because even Tip who lived in a very rural area knew it. However, the Wizard didn't seem to be hated or begrudged at all. People were satisfied by the fact that his successor, the Scarecrow, ran the country very well, weren't they? They don't seem to remember what happened in the past. It's no use. The present is the most important. That's very ozzy, isn't it?:)

I learned one thing about a familiar English expression.
When the Winkie people asked the Tin Woodman to be their ruler and the Emerald City people asked the Scarecow, "invite" was used. I knew the word only for asking someone for dinner or a party.

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