Nov 15, 2010

Chapter23 Glinda Grants Dorothy's Wish

Finally, Glinda appeared. Many princesses apprear in Oz but Glinda is just a good witch. Princess Glinda would have been great, though, she has authority not because she is from a royal family but because she has excellent magic skills and inner beauty, I think...that's important...isn't it?

In later books, she is called "Glinda, the Good Sorceress." So, I thought a white magic user was a sorceress and a black magic user was a witch. But I was wrong. In this book, Glinda is called the Good Witch.

Even the good witch told Dorothy that she had to give the witch the golden cap in return for getting an answer about how to go back to Kansas. Everybody says "give and take." Of course, Glinda doesn't use the cap only for herself, though.

Dorothy easily accepted the words from her companions in turn; "If I hadn't met you, our wishes couldn't have come true." Then, she said "This is all true." I think this part is very American. If she is a Japanese, she would say like "No, not at all. You did it by yourselves. You helped me."

In the end, they said a teary farewell each other, then, Dorothy went back to Kansas. Of course, with Toto.

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