Nov 17, 2010

Chapter1:Tip Manufactures a Pumpkinhead

Well, I'm going to start reading the second book.

First of all, I'll tell you about Mombi. After the Wicked Witch of the West died, Mombi was one of the worst but most popular villains in this series. However, surprisingly, now I feel sympathy for her somehow. I wonder if it's because I'm raising children too. After Tip grew up, she used him for various chores, however, no matter how mean she was to him, I can't help thinking it must have been very tough for her to raise a child from a baby to a boy at her age. In the previous year, when he had a high fever, she must have nursed him even though it was not enough.

The pink vest with white dots, the red shirt, and the purple trousers, which became Jack Pumpkinhead's clothes later, were Mombi's belongings. Why did she have them? What if she kept them for the precious memory with someone? As tall Jack Pumpkinhead was able to wear them, they could be for men, couldn't they? So...the man who wore them could imagination is fired up.... Oops, I'm going too far;)

Tip, though I can just say "that's a boy" and it might sound nice, often skips his chores, does mischief, and apparently never has even a little respect for Mombi. If I were her, I would be mad at him!

Well, Jack Pumkinhead's body is hollow. It's made of a sheet of thick bark. His legs are made of saplings trimmed of the twigs and leaves. Then, above his body, his head is a big heavy pumpkin. Though it is hollowed out, that must be unstable and very risky!;P


  1. There's an Oziana story about the former owner of Jack's clothes, actually.

  2. Nathan, thank you for the imformation. I didn't know that. Which Oziana, do you know?

  3. The 1985 issue. The story is called "Mombi's Pink Polkadot Vest."