Nov 15, 2010

Chapter22 The Counrty of Quadlings

They at last arrive in Quadling Country, despite running into some trouble with the Hammerheads.

The Tin Woodman was the one who thought up to call the Flying Monkeys. I for some reason thought that it was the Scarecrow, but it wasn't. Don't you think it would have been a good chance for the Scarecrow to show off his brains?

The Flying Monkeys carried them safely to the Quadling. Hummm, maybe they should have just asked the Monkeys when they left the Emerald City;) Anyway, Dorothy had already called the monkeys three times, using up all her chances.

Though it first seemed like the Quadling was an uncivilized land full of strange people, it turned out that they were short, plump, and friendly people after all, just like the Munchkins. I don't know where that thought came from. Maybe from "Wicked"? Indeed, they welcomed Dorothy's company and gave them cakes and cookies.

There pretty girls stood in front of Glinda's palace guarding the gate. Even in the Emerald City, there was only one gate guard,...Could it be that Glinda's palace has many visitors? Or maybe it's because the palace is so near the border that it needs such heavy guarding.


  1. Glinda has always been more militaristic than Ozma, really.

  2. Nathan,
    I see. So, Glinda is the one who protects Oz from invation.