Nov 26, 2010

Chapter2:The Marvelous Powder of Life

If I had the Powder of Life, I would have wanted to use it at least once. I probably would have thought again and again what I should have sprinkled it onto. The powder's magic works for eternity. "The thing" is able to live forever. Unless I think really about it, it could cause many troubles.

Mombi was very wicked, but she looked just like a cheerful grandma, judging from how she was very delighted when Jack Pumpkinhead came alive.

> Old Mombi danced around him, frantic with delight.
> Then she threw her stick into the air and caught it as it came down; and she hugged herself with both arms, and tried to do a step of a jig; and all the time she repeated, rapturously:"He lives!—he lives!—he lives!"

When she realized that Tip had been watching her uncharacteristical excitement, she felt very embarrassed, I think. It was natural for her to be mad at Tip to hide her embarrassment, wasn't it?;P

Though Mombi's threat worked because Tip was small, someday we know that the time will end soon. Before it becomes too late, to transform Tip from a boy to a marble stone might be a good idea!;P

Of course, Tip didn't want to be transformed at all...what was he thinking while gazing the flames at the fireplace?....

By the way, I didn't know that the steps to making magic potions is called the "recipe". It sounds like cooking:) I can't help imagining something delicious:)

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