Dec 7, 2010

Chapter4 Tip Makes an Experiment in Magic

Both vocabulary and syntax in this book seem more difficult than the ones in the first book, "The Wizard of Oz".

It is funny that Jack Pumpkinhead, who is taller than an adult, called Tip, who is a dainty boy, "father". I think it is natural that Tip feels uneasy.

Jack Pumpkinhead is innately innocent and easygoing, but sometimes he points out things sharply, doesn't he? He seems like he was obviously born in Oz. Very ozzy. He is niether too saucy, nor too modest. Eveyone can't help but love him:)

Unbelievably, Tip remembered what Mombi said and how she moved even though he saw it just once. That's amazing! Judging from the conversations with Jack, he looks smart and witty.

I'm curious how the real "sawhorse" is. Then, I googled it. Here is the result.
Though modern ones are quite far from our "the Saw Horse", some of the images reminds me of the Saw Horse.

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