May 2, 2013

Chapter18: In the Jackdaws' Nest

I didn't know what Jackdaw was. It's a kind of crow. They don't live in Japan, or even in the USA. ;D

The Gump flew to Europe? Since it took him one night to fly from Oz, Oz must be near Europe, or could the Gump fly that fast?

When I was a child, I thought anything would be happy if it was brought to life. (I wonder if it was the influence of Pinocchio?) However, the Gump wasn't happy at all. Anyone might feel that way when they find out that their body is not the same as before...rather, he was a complete ragbag. I understand that he would never want to see his original tribe. He must have been a very imposing, respected Gump at that time.

Woggle-bug, not reading the situation here again, is annoying as usual. It may not have been a long time since he was magnified, but he is often sarcastic, to everyone's annoyance. It's a thankless role. He's completely different from Jack.

The whole party fell into a Jackdaw's nest. Since the Gump's wings were broken, he couldn't fly again. If the Jackdaws came back, Jack's pumpkin head would be picked with their beaks, and the Woggle-bug would be a good dessert for the crows.

In such a fearful situation, they found that the bottle of the Powder of Life had a false bottom! And, Dr. Nikidik's wishing pills were in it. How lucky! However, they found that they would have to count seventeen by twos in order to make their wish come true. How can you count seventeen by twos? Up and down. What are they going to do? This scene is a page-turner.

Then, the Jackdaws came back to the nest. They noticed the invaders in their nest and started to attack them!

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