Apr 30, 2013

Chapter17: The Astonishing Flight of the Gump

Well, well, well. Your wait is over. Here's our Gump!

They almost forget to sprinkle the Powder of Life onto Gump's head. Fortunately the Scarecrow pointed out that to bring life to Gump, it had to be sprinkled on his head rather than feet. If they didn't give the head life, it would have been just been a vehicle. Thanks to the Scarecrow's observation, we can meet a new ozzy fellow. :D ( I'm not sure if it was good for the Gump, though.)

The Tin Woodman's work is practical again like his work in the first book "The Wizard of Oz." Ask him to make anything. You can't go wrong. ;D

About the broom which Tip found in the room and insisted to use as a tail, the Tin Woodman said, "I do not see the use of a tail. We are not trying to copy a beast, or a fish, or a bird. All we ask of the Thing is to carry us through the air." This is a very practical artisan's way of thinking, isn't it? When I was a child, I felt the Tin Woodman was mean to Tip. However, now, as a grown-up, I like this practical decision quite well.

Eventually, the broom was used as a tail since there it could act as a rudder.

The Tin Woodman is cool and mature. When he unknowingly committed the greatest crime in the Emerald City, chopping leaves from the royal palm-tree, he wasn't panicked or upset. He calmly said, "It cannot be helped now. But it may be one more reason why it is necessary for us to escape."

The Gump flew away once but came back when Tip commanded. Does it mean the person who brought it to life is its master? Hum, I have to say the Saw Horse is usually stubborn against Tip, and do you remember? The person who brought Jack Pumpkinhead was Mombi! Jack always calls Tip "Father", but if the person who made it is its father, the Gump's father is the Tin Woodman.

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