May 12, 2013

Chapter 20: The Scarecrow Appeals to Glinda

Each member took what they like from the hoardings in the nest.

I can't help feeling pity to the Jackdaws because they were abruptly intruded upon in their nest, attacked and beaten when they wanted the intruders to go away, moreover, their treasures were stolen which they had been save guarding for a long time.

The Scarecrow and his party were shrewd. They caught something for them even if they are in trouble. But there was one negative point for them: They left Dr. Nikidik's wishing pills in the nest. So, it's break-even, I think. They're useless for the Jackdaws, though.

It's regrettable that they forgot to bring the wishing pills. I wonder why they didn't wish that everyone can get to Glinda's palace safely in the first place. Oh, is it a taboo? Haha.

What would it have happened if they wished that they wanted to get back the throne from Jinjur? Maybe they had to forget the pills in order that the readers should forget these other more plausible possibilities.

Then, they arrived at Glinda's palace. I couldn't find any mention of Glinda's beauty. The author mentioned only the beauty of the garden and the throne.

I'm curious why Glinda's army was trained very well. In this Oz? Why? Who was supposed to be their (imaginary) enemy? Hummm...maybe it was the Wizard of Oz? Glinda mentioned she sent her spies to the Wizard in order to observe him.

Tip seemed to hate and loath Mombi anyhow. He cursed her only. No child knows how dear he is to his parents. (I can't help thinking that Mombi cared for him.)

Then, finally, Glinda and her army set off to the Emelard City. Mombi and Jinjur are going to be in danger! Uh...which side am I with?

By the way, Jack's head can turn horizontally, but not vertically. When he wants to look downward, he has to tilt his body being careful not to drop his head. So...he usually can't see the things lower than his eyes, can he? Since he is quite tall, when he sees Tip, I guess he can see only the top of Tip's head. Of course, if he keeps a distance a little from Tip, he can see Tip well, though.

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