May 18, 2012

Chapter9: The Scarecrow Plans an escape

Though Tip, who sneakily ran away from the rebels, explained what was happening to the Scarecrow and Jack, who were playing quoits in the courtyard, His Highness the Scarecrow didn't lose his cool at all.

A ruler who is still relaxing and saying "do as you like" even when his palace is about to be destroyed by the intruding enemy, there might be such a person in real history. The throne, which was handed down to him by his predecessor without any effort his his part, as the Scarecrow said, could be very boring. This would be true especially for a ruler who has no vision for his country.

However, when he noticed that his body was theatened, he couldn't stay cool. The Scarecrow hastily began to plan to run out from his palace.

I like the Scarecrow, but...What could I say about this decision of his? When he heard Tip's "the Saw Horse can't carry four", instantly, he decided to leave his soldier because he was less important. The Soldier, who must know his master very well, replied "I expected this blow";)

Then, the Scarecrow, Jack Pumpkinhead, and Tip on the Saw Horse ran out from the palace fleeing these risks, thinking of sinking or swimming together.

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