May 18, 2012

Chapter10: The Journey to the Tin Woodman

They entered into Winkie Country.

The Scarecrow enjoyed remembering his former travel with Dorothy to see the places they went through, saying "Here is where we were captured and Dorothy was taken away" or "Here is where Nick Chopper destroyed the wolves."

For the Scarecrow and the readers from the first story, this is a good reminiscence, but, Tip, Jack, and the readers from the second story might think "So what?";P

 It's very hard to follow Jack's very unique way of thinking. 

The Saw Horse was irritated by him.

When Jack dropped his head in the river and it floated down the stream, though Tip picked it up and gave it back to Jack, Jack only worried if his head got damaged by water, and then, the next moment, he worried if his head got damaged by sunshine.

Losing face is a much more serious thing, isn't it?

As I'm a mother of two boys, I'd like him to say, "After being given something back, what you should say first of all is 'Thank you!', not 'Dear me!'":p

For Tip who has a flesh body and needs to sleep, they took a rest through the night.

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