Jan 20, 2011

Chapter 8: Gen. Jinjur's Army of Revolt

Well, another of my favorites, Jinjur appears in this chapter at last. I like such a hard-nosed girl for some reason.

She told Tip, who is scared about war, with full confidence, "What man would oppose a girl, or dare to harm her? And there is not an ugly face in my entire Army." Her speech to her army was incendiary. Unfortunately, most of them didn't seem to listen to it:P

The uniform of Jinjur's army was very colorful. It must have boosted the morale of the army. In the real life, I've heard that some girls choose their school because its uniform is cute. All through the ages, in all countries, for girls, clothing is very important, isn't it?

Though the gatekeeper of the Emerald City was great in the previous chapter, he failed here. The Soldier with the Green Whiskers, who appeared after the gatekeeper, also couldn't fight against girls.

It's the same as how a 6-year-old brother can't beat his 2-year-old sister, isn't it? While she can do anything, like grabbing, yanking, or kicking, all her brother can do is protect himself from her attacks.

I didn't know the Soldier with the Green Whiskers was married. In addition, his wife is the master of the house. Well, well, actually, that's the key of a happy couple, isn't it? Umm...he is the kind of person who says "my gun isn't loaded" to the rebels...I can easily imagine how he irritates his wife every day!

After all, "Might is right". How is the Emerald City going to be after Junjur's army has intruded?

That will be shown in the next chapter.


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