May 19, 2012

Chapter11: A Nickel-Plated Emperor

This chapter's title is weird, isn't it? Nickle? Tin Woodman is coated by tin, isn't he? Tin isn't nickel. Well, I know his full name is Nick Chopper, though.

How different are tin and nickle?
Here are what I learned from the Internet.
* Both are used to prevent corrosion of metal inside.
* Whiskers can occur on tin plating without a base plating. Nickle plating doen's have them.
* Hardness is different. Tin is a very soft metal and nickle is hard. 

Hey, what am I learning?;p

Back to the story of Oz,
As Nick became an emperor, he learned to use nickle which is harder than tin...can I say it judging from the chapter title? Then, he is not the TIN Woondman, is he? OK, I shouldn't point it out. I knew it.

The Tin Woodman (I'll keep calling him this name) seems to be a suitable ruler. While the Scarecrow was grumbling "Boring, boring," he had grabbed the hearts of the Winkies by his good governance and gained the trust and respect of the Winkies. Meanwhile, he had his castle embellished as he liked and had his body polished, enforcing his rights as emperor. Don't you think he had an air of dignity as a great ruler when he greeted the Scarecrow's party? Did you notice he gave the chancellor clear instructions during his absence?

When I read this part in my childhood, perhaps I didn't like that kind of conceitedness. The Scarecrow was always humble and looked like a good man. However, since I am an adult now, I can understand how difficult being a top leader is. Though the Scarecrow had been always thinking about himself, not about the nation, the Tin Woodman overlooked his land and reigned well. The Tin Woodman is more mature, isn't he?

He also gave the Scarecrow great advice, that he should not renounce the crown, the badge of royalty. Yes, the badge of royalty is very important. Good advice.

Then, the party having obtained a very powerful partner in the Tin Woodman, went back to the Emerald City to regain the capital.

On the way to the Emerald City, the Scarecrow was really down-to-earth and natural as always. Normally, when a king, an attendant and a horse are together, the king should ride the horse, right? Moreover, since the Scarecrow's feet are soft, it must be hard for him to walk.

He let Jack ride on the horse and took care of him not to fall or be hurt. How sweet he was!


  1. I always assumed the nickel plate was put on over the tin, although I guess that must have been a plating in and of itself. So, since Land, he's been double-plated.

  2. Nathan, thank you for your comment.
    Double-plated! That makes sense!:D