Dec 7, 2010

Chapter6 Jack Pumkinhead's Ride to the Emerald City

Tip washed his face at the brook, and had bread and cheese for breakfast.

We can see the description of "washing faces and having meals" here and there. I wonder if that was for the children, or just because of the author's style. I think he could skip it like "Tip who was awakened by Jack got ready to start his journey again, then said..." However, both Dorothy in the former story and Tip in this sotry often washed their faces and had meals three times a day.

Well, the Emerald City was 9 mile away. It reminded of me the mystery "The Nine Mile Walk"(Japanese title is "Nine Mile is too far to walk"). 9 miles is about 14.5 meters. Certainly, it is a little too far to walk.

However, riding on the Saw Horse, Tip expected himself to arrive there before noon.

Even though they didn't care about the mean ferryman, they felt uncomfortable having to keep wearing wet clothes and shoes. They ran with all their might to dry their clothes....and they got separated:)

Jack and the Saw Horse arrived at the gate of the Emerald City first.

Being a gatekeeper is a hard job, isn't it? Especially so in a country like Oz. They have to accept all men even if they are really very bizarre. If Jack suddenly appeared in front of you, most of you would scream!:)

However, this gatekeeper was better than I expected. Calmly and politely, he asked, "What are you, a man or a pumpkin?" Then, he went through the usual procedure and took them to the Soldier with the Green Whiskers...what a professtional!:)

Then, in the next chapter, His Majesty The Scarecrow appears!

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