Jan 19, 2011

Chapter 7: His Majesty the Scarecrow

The Scarecrow and Jack's conversation was funny in this chapter. You would remember this conversation even if you read this story only once a long time ago.

The Scarecrow from Gillikin and Jack from Munchkin tried to talk to each other through a translator, because they were obsessed with the idea that their languages were different, even though they talked smoothly already.

The translator was Jellia Jamb! A lovely and clever girl. I love her!

A little mischievous Jellia Jamb intentionally translated wrong. However, the Scarecrow didn't get angry after he realized that she had teased them. I'm sure Jellia Jamb is one of his favorite people too:)

When I read this story for the first time as a child, I thought that she was kind of mean because she didn't explain what they misunderstood about their languages and teased them instead. I was a good child, wasn't I?:)

Quiots, which the Scarecrow and Jack tried to play in the courtyard, is translated as "throwing iron rings"

Here are the explanations of quiot from Wikipedia and from The United States Quoiting Association. If you want to know more, visit there:)


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