Dec 7, 2010

Chapter5 The Awakening of the Saw-Horse

One of the most popular characters, the Saw Horse came to live!

I imagined he was a middile-aged man because he spoke like one in the Japanese translation. However, in the original English version, nothing is mentioned about it. He is blunt...? My English is not good to catch the nuance:(

Originally, the Saw Horse was a sawhorse that a woodman had left. Then Tip gave it life...well, in that case, did the woodman lose the ownership? Should we respect the Saw Horse's will? If so, it also seems OK that Jack followed Tip by his own will, not like Tip stole Jack. Humm...yet, Jack didn't know about the world, so...he was like a child, wasn't he? Then, it was like a kidnapping, wasn't it?;P Well, it's no problem in Oz:)

At first, the Saw Horse couldn't hear anything Tip said because he had no ears. After Tip made him ears, they were able to have a conversation. Oh, Jack had ears. He said "if my ears were bigger."

Tip was so bold that he stabbed a stick into the horse's back after he came alive. I was relieved that it seemed not to hurt the horse.

I love Ms. Takako Sato's translation, however, could the translation of Tip's line, "Don't pay any attention to it" be「気にしたもうな」? Oh, Tip, how on earth old are you?;P

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