Oct 29, 2012

Chapter16: The Scarecrow Takes Time to Think

The Scarecrow rationally ruminates about JinJur's words. Who is the proper ruler, the Scarecrow or Jinjur? Thinking deeper, I've realized it's difficult to choose one. But I admire that the Scarecrow can think that way. Even if you are always complaining, it is usual to want to cling to the throne when you have to give it to someone else, isn't it?

He worries that the crown might be too heavy for Jinjur. nevertheless being attacked by Jinjur, he is kind to her.Such kindness will have made Jinjur's mind open to him later, I think.

On the other hand, he is quite cold to Woggle-Bug. When he heard Woggle-Bug was worried about Jinjur's threat, that she'll make a stew of Woggle-Bug, he remarked "I think it was a brilliant idea." Isn't he very mean?

Meanwhile, Woggle-Bug mentioned that he could live for some time on Jack. That's chilly too. Under such a tough situation, people's true personalities show up, don't they?

By the way, why did Woggle-Bug imagine the goats ate small pieces of the Tin Woodman? Metal as food for goats? It must make their stomachs upset.

Well, now I've realized it was important that one dose of the Power of Life remained. The Scarecrow's "smart" brain works brilliantly this time. (Actually, it barely works well ;P)

Jack is pleased to be given his new leg. He is so cute :D

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