Oct 26, 2012

Chapter15: The Prisoners of the Queen

Jinjur's army handled the people of the Emerald City quite well.

In one scene during Jinjur's rule, the men are exhausted by household chores and childcare. The Scarecrow mumbles to himself, wondering how women could do all the chores so easily, while the men were struggling with them. 

While reading that scene several years ago, I was a housewife who was struggling with the chores everyday and thought enthusiastically, "Yes! Household chores and childcare are quite a hard job!" 

Now that I have more experience, I've realized something. Whether you are a man or a womanit doesn't matterRegardless of sex, when you try to do a new thing, which you've never done before, you don't understand how to do it and make errors again and again...anyway, you must be entirely weary. If men kept doing household chores and childcare for many years. eventually they would do them very easily.

Gen. Jinjur eats caramels comfortably on the throne. She wasn't upset at all when she saw the Scarecrow's party. Then, as the Army of Revolt had planned, the whole party was captured instantly.

Jinjur declared all members of the party would be destroyed, except Tip. She had promised that she would give Tip back to Mombi. You see, it appears that Mombi cares for Tip. If she doesn't have any affection for Tip, she could just tell Jinjur to kill him. It would be the perfect excuse. She could say to anyone, "It was not my fault." But she didn't allow Jinjur to kill Tip.

Why do you think she didn't kill Tip? Only to use him as a slave?

At the very moment when the Scarecrow's party is about to die, the mice which the Scarecrow has in his clothes save them.They are precious mice of the Queen. I'm relieved that the Army of Revolt was scared by them and ran away. I worried they might smash or squish the mice with brooms or their feet or something.

Jinjur also ran for her life. Though she always spoke boldly with a strong attitude, she is a girl, after all.


  1. Maybe Mombi wanted Tip alive to use him as a bargaining chip. He wouldn't be a whole lot of good to her dead.

  2. Hi, Nathan, thank you for reading. Ah, yes, maybe. :D