Jul 4, 2009

Chapter16 The Magic Art of the Great Humbug

The Great Oz gave the three of them, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion, what they each wanted, as he had promised to them.

What do you think about that? I've been feeling very strange about that for a long time. How can the three trust that con man? Why can they be happy? That's a mystery to me!

When you have a problem, sometimes, you already know what you should do in your mind, however, before taking your action, you need to be told by someone "You are right. Go on!" supporting your decision in order to have some confidence. That could happen. Does the three feel like that?

But only Dorothy's wish cannot come true by such a lip service or empty promises.

I remember, when I read this story for the first time, I thought that Dorothy would end up staying in Oz.

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