Jul 4, 2009

Chapter14 The Winged Monkeys

There was no path between the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Emerald City. The Winkie country seems to be an undeveloped land. How different it is from the affluent Munchkin land which has the road paved by yellow bricks.

Having been taught by the queen of the mice, Dorothy called the flying monkeys using the golden cap's magic power.

The flying monkeys told their history to Dorothy and her companions during the flight to the Emerald City.

The story began like this; Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess and a powerful witch named Gayelette and her fiance, Quelala. To tell the truth, I hardly remembered about Quelala. But after I carefully reread about him, I think he was a cool guy!;) No wonder Gayelette fell for him:)

For the flying monkeys, it was unlucky to be found by Gayelette while they were teasing Quelala, but I think it was natural that Gayelette got angry. However, the penalty is a little too heavy, isn't it?

While Dorothy and her companions were listening to the flying monkeys' story, they arrived in the front of the gate of the Emerald City. As the Lion said, it was very lucky that Dorothy got the Golden Cap. Besides, Dorothy seemed to enjoy that flight.

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