Jul 4, 2009

Chapter15 The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible

The travelers came back to the Emerald City in triumph after they destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West. They (and I) had expected them to be warmly welcomed, but they were left to wait in the rooms of the palace for several days with no message from the Wizard of Oz.

At last, they threatened the Wizard. If he didn't send them a reply, they would send him the flying monkeys after him. Then, the Great Oz was scared and allowed them to meet him immediately...that sounds fishy already, doesn't it?;)

Then, they discovered who he was.

When I was a child, I was annoyed with him, "What a con man!" But now, after the passage of several decades, I think the Wizard is sympathetic. Maybe it's because my age has become closer to his;) Far away from his home country, in a foreign country (which was not even a normal country), he had to live alone relying only his own bravado without any family or friends. Maybe he was relieved to have his secret exposed.

And he advised to the Scarecrow, "You need experiences, not a brain," and to the Lion, he said, "You need confidence, not bravery." He is quite a man!

By the way, the Emerald City, it was made by the Great Oz. I forgot about it.

Dorothy thinks "If he find a way to go back Kansas, I will willingly forgive everything he has done." She doesn't begrudge anything. If I were her....haha:P A very good girl, Dorothy!:)

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