Jun 23, 2012

Chapter13: A Highly Magnified History

No matter how many times I re-read this chapter, I can't help feeling duped somehow.... 

A magnifying-glass is used for making an object look enlarged, isn't it? At first I imagined something like a loupe, but the object is projected on the screen, so it should be something like a projector. And the projected object was able to run off the screen and stay alive. Let me see. What happened to the original object? Do you have the same question as me?

No, perhaps, it is because I'm judging things by our world's criteria, like a loupe or a projector. Professor Nowitall said "my famous magnifying-glass." It should be something very special. It's in Oz, a fairyland. Maybe it would be something like Doraemon's Gulliver Tunnel;)

Anyway, Woggle-Bug was magnified successfully. We learned here that those bizarre clothes were a gift from the tailor who had his ninth life saved by Woggle-Bug. I see. Hummm...the tailor must have made those clothes from his remnant. It must have been a good chance to clear up his stock, I guess. As you see, that tasteless style....;P

In the previous chapter, though I wrote that the person who should ride on the Saw Horse was the Scarecrow, not Jack, but Jack couldn't walk a long distance because his joints were feeble. I see. His joints has to hold such a big and heavy pumpkin with just tree's barks and branches. Also, his neck doesn't hold his head firmly.

By the way, the Saw Horse has a very bad mouth, doesn't he?


  1. I've known people to mention that there should be a separate non-magnified Wogglebug. Makes sense on a certain level, but I always suspended my disbelief when it came to the enlarged insect.

  2. A separate non-magnified Wogglebug? Oh, yes, that make sense! Umm...but, yes, I agree with you. I don't want to imagine there is another (genuine?) Wogglebug somewhere in Oz. He must be only one in the world and I prefer thinking he was enlarged.

  3. I don't think the Wogglebug is the only one of his species, but he's the only one who's Highly Magnified.

  4. Yes, yes, I totally agree with you. I wanted to say that!