Oct 20, 2010

Chapter20 The Dainty China Country

The word "dainty" of the chapter title means delicate and graceful. Actually, these people made of china are pretty and fragile...I think they should change at least the floor (or the ground?) to something made from soft material:)

The chinese princess refused Dorothy's wish to bring the princess back to Kansas. I like such a scene which indicates this world we are living and the fantasy land of Oz are connected. Oz is not in another dimension nor in a parallel universe. It exists somewhere in this world. I like that idea.

When they were going out from the chinese country, the Lion broke a church into pieces. As you expected:P, Dorothy didn't apologize. She said, "We are lucky we didn't harm these little people because they are all so brittle," and went on her journey. I was surprised that she was too insensitive.

Maybe Dorothy is much younger than I thought. I assumed she was 11 or 12, but she could be 8 or 9? I thought the Dorothy drawn by Denslow was too young, but maybe it's suitable.


  1. Dorothy's age in the first book is never stated. She's presumably around ten or eleven when she comes to Oz to live, but I think there's a good chance she's a few years younger on her first visit. She's presumably been to school, though, as she can read things.

  2. Nathan,
    Oh, yes, she can read! I never thought of it. That's an important point, isn't it? Thank you for telling me:)